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    Telescopic High-altitude Scissors

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    This convenient extendable tree pruner is perfect for cutting high branches without climbing a ladder.

    Easy to install and remove,no tool needed!


    • Versatile Attachment

    The High-altitude Scissors Fruit Picker is designed for high-altitude cutting and pruning without an integrated pole. Its innovative design allows easy connection to any standard pole, offering gardeners the flexibility to use their preferred pole for various tasks.

    • Customizable Reach

    With the ability to connect to any pole, this tool provides a customizable reach according to the height of the tree or the specific pruning or harvesting task. Users can adapt the tool to different pole lengths, ensuring efficient use in diverse gardening scenarios.

    • Precision Cutting Mechanism

    Equipped with a precision cutting mechanism, this tool ensures clean and careful cutting of branches or fruit stems. The absence of an integrated pole streamlines its design, making it lightweight and easy to handle while maintaining the accuracy required for delicate pruning or harvesting.

    • Efficient Harvesting

    The High-altitude Scissors Fruit Picker excels in efficient fruit harvesting from tall trees. Its sharp blades are designed to cleanly sever stems without causing damage to the plant, promoting a seamless and productive harvesting process for a variety of fruits.

    • Multipurpose Garden Tool

    Beyond fruit picking, this versatile attachment transforms any pole into a high-altitude pruning tool. Gardeners can effortlessly trim and shape branches at elevated heights, making it an indispensable accessory for overall garden maintenance and tree care

    • Specification

    Material: Carbon Steel
    Weight: 480g

    • Package includes

    1 x Telescopic High-altitude Scissors

    Telescopic High-altitude Scissors


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